Will Your Holiday Gift Arrive On Time?

The surge in demand for fast and free e-commerce deliveries has made the shipper’s “last mile” the most challenging segment of your package’s journey.

A 13 Minute Delivery

With “click to plop” in just 13 minutes, last week’s totally automated Amazon drone delivery to a real customer can create huge cost savings.

Why Southwest Airlines and Zara are Similar

Talking turnaround, planes and clothing can be rather similar. Where are we going? To productivity. Southwest Turnaround Typically between places like Dallas and San Antonio, in 1971 Southwest flew only short haul flights in Texas. As a discount airline with fares that were…

Is Your Lack of Sleep Hurting the GDP?

Connected to our productivity, if we do not sleep 7 to 9 hours each night, then lack of sleep diminishes the quality and duration of our work.

Why More Manufacturing Does Not Mean More Jobs

Based on the past 35 years, “bringing back” U.S. manufacturing means more automation and innovation but not necessarily jobs.

Was Last Night’s Time Change a Mistake?

Having happily enjoyed an extra hour of sleep, I just returned to standard time. So too did more than 300 million Americans in every state except Arizona and Hawaii. But should we “spring forward” next March? Consumer Spending With the energy savings…

The Impact of Financial Innovation

We could say that two events in 1973 changed financial markets. The CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) starts trading. The Black-Scholes Model for pricing options (most simply the right to buy or sell a security at a future date) was published.…

Weekly Roundup: From Coffee Hype to Cell Phone Insight

Our weekly roundup includes why coffee leads to creativity, how Uber impacts more than we realize and where, even with grades, inflation changes behavior.

Why Coffee (Might Have) Caused the Industrial Revolution

Displaying the impact of a drink that is a stimulant, coffee history relates to how human capital became more innovative and productive.

Weekly Roundup: From Warren Buffett’s Bet to McDonald’s Hamburgers

Our weekly roundup includes productivity and a hamburger assembly line, financial intermediaries and index funds, soda tax incentives and the GMI.