Why Food Expiration Dates Matter More Now

Because of COVID-19 lockdowns, we care more about those unclear food expiration dates that let us know when to trash what we store in the refrigerator.

How Our Buying Behavior Has Changed

Walmart’s CEO said our buying behavior has shifted during the pandemic. First we cared about toilet paper and sanitizer. Now it’s puzzles, games, hair dye, and beard trimmers. Where are we going? To consumer spending. Shifting Consumer Spending A Timeline…

Where We’ve Been Scrambling For Eggs

Whereas toilet paper shortages have been in the news, the headlines could also have included surging egg demand, especially in Israel.

Essential Occupations…Like the Easter Bunny

Looking more closely at the lockdown, we can identify the kinds of jobs that involve working remotely and where they are located.

Handy Coffee Facts to Know During a Pandemic

From the growers through transport, roasters in the U.S. are concerned with the pandemic’s impact on the coffee supply chain.

Hoarding Pasta in Our Pandemic Pantries

Whether looking at an xkcd cartoon, data from retail discounter Aldi, or Nielsen’s statistics, we see evidence of our pasta demand in our pandemic pantries.

The People Who Live Together During a Lockdown

Because global household size ranges from single individuals to extended families, the impact of a lockdown will vary considerably.