The Time Zone Changes That Massachusetts Might Make

Cows don’t like the switch to daylight saving time. A California organic dairy farmer said he enjoys the extra hour of light that starts in March. But his cows don’t. Because they are accustomed to a 2:00 a.m. milking regimen,…

Clarence the Tortoise and the Metric Mixup

For Clarence the 75-year-old Galapagos tortoise, an extended visit to Moorpark College was going to be good. His mate had recently died and the College had an exotic animal training program.  Clarence would benefit from the new temporary home while his…

Undigestible Food (Studies)

Because of research replication issues and questionable data, many academic papers need more rigor from their authors and skepticism from their readers.

Why Gender Word Barriers Could Be Worse Than Sticks and Stones

Sometimes more harmful than “sticks and stones,” gender word barriers create images of women that demean their professional skills.

Should Colleges Become More Like Robin Hood?

The benefits of a STEM major are less than they appear because a college’s cost of education for STEM students can be disproportionately expensive.

Marijuana and Your Grade Average

According to a Dutch study, we can observe the impact of marijuana on academic performance in quantitative courses at Maastricht University.

A Wake Up Call for High School Principals

At 8 am or earlier, the average high school start time could diminish adolescent math and reading cognition because of sleep deprivation.

A Surprising Way to Ration Education

Because of increasing demand, Shanghai’s private schools have revised their admission requirements. In addition to the typical student tests and interviews, now parents and grandparents have to meet certain academic standards. At two schools, if your kid applied, YOU would have to take an…

The Cost of Raising a Child

Including how much we spend on the tooth fairy, the cost of raising a child can simply be one total or it can involve different specific expenditures.

Daylight Saving Time Dilemmas

Last weekend, our daylight saving time dilemmas began again as we lost an hour of sleep but gained evening time to shop, exercise and go to athletic events.