The Hidden Incentives That Determine Our Big Decisions

Random and seemingly inconsequential incentives can nudge us toward the college majors that will shape our future incomes and lifestyles.

A New Product That Pays For College

Like other new goods and services that people invent, the Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) is a financial innovation that pays for college tuition.

When Awards Give Us More or Less Than We Expect

While awards are all about recognition, inspiration, and appreciation, sometimes they are not exactly what we expect them to be.

Social Media’s Hidden Cost

While we all know when we are wasting time on social media, it is tougher to uncover the hidden cost that is paid by the entire economy.

Why School Funding and a “Friends” Dinner Are Similar

The controversial side of school funding can take us to a “Friends” excerpt about splitting the dinner check and to a small Vermont community.

How to Measure the Size of Our Cultural Divide

We can judge the size of our cultural divide by identifying the TV shows we watch, the magazines we read, and the movies we see.

Why Millennials Might Not Be That Different

Rather than differences, we find generational similarities for Millennials when we look at diversity, education, and marriage trends.

Where Education and Healthcare Could Be Better

The new World Bank Human Capital Index was created to encourage the leaders of 157 countries to improve their healthcare and education.

The Scandal at the Master Sommelier School

Sort of like the licensing exams required by government for certain professions, the wine industry also determines the credentials of its master sommeliers.

How Your College Determines Your Earnings

By knowing the type of college you plan to attend and which major you will select, you can figure out how to increase your postgraduate income.