The Surprising Star of Space Jam

Done well, movie product placements for firms like Nike and even a university like MIT can boost brand value.

What Password Sharing Really Means

While our password sharing had been ignored by Netflix, now they’ve become very aware that they have a free rider problem to solve.

Why We Don’t Want To Be The World’s Happiest Country

Reading the 2022 World Happiness Report, I wonder whether its six variables are what we should use to rank happy countries.

McDonald’s Style of Globalization

Whether looking at a Russian departure or their spread around the world, we see McDonald’s globalization as a successful prototype.

When a Rank Is Wrong

Seemingly indisputable because of their quantifiable origins, ranking criteria are really subjective and potentially misleading.

What We Can Learn From Ketchup and Mustard

Looking at logos, we can prove the Ketchup and Mustard Theory through the colors that fast food chains use.

One Giant Leek For Mankind

At a giant vegetable competition, Paul Rochester’ won the world record with his 21 pound 8 ounce leek. It did not work out as well for a giant potato. Giant Vegetables Dug Sadly, scientists recently concluded that a giant potato…

When Russian Humor and Cars Converged

The most famous of all Russian cars, the Lada had quality problems until Renault injected Western knowhow.

How a Cheap Airline Can Be Expensive

Reflecting an unbundled ticket, a list of discount airline fees indicates the extras we can pay for when we fly cheaply.

When a Judge Has a Tasty Case

Judges sometimes have tasty decisions when they have to decide what a food name like Mexican or gruyère means.