How Aging Populations Affect What We Make and Sell

Through robot innovation and changes in retail and housing markets, nations with aging populations will show the impact of a massive demographic shift.

Why Our Kids Will Not Care For Us When We Are Old

Because of aging populations in the developed world and in China, concern about care for the elderly and rising dependency ratios have increased.

The Impact of Japan’s Aging Population

As Japan’s aging population grows older, the country’s producers of goods and services will increasingly cater to an above 65 demographic.

Weekly Roundup: From Playing Monopoly to Flying Drones

Our everyday economics includes BRICs & MINTs, supply, monopoly, tradeoffs, economic consensus, innovation, property rights, redistribution, fertility rate.

Part 1: What To Do When More People Are Old

As population shifts, developed nations will have redistribution decisions as the proportion of the non-working aged and the young need more labor income.