How Covid Caused a Bagels and Cream Cheese Crisis

cream cheese shortage
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  1. Rick Shapiro says:

    The cream cheese shortage has a silver lining, in that it may lead people to find a better alternative to cheese based on Philadelphia, which is so full of gums that it hardly tastes like a dairy product. Many decades ago, when I lived in NJ, Shoprite carried a brand called Old Philadelphia, which was a real dairy product. I have no idea whether it still exists, or is still any good; but cream-style goat cheese is an excellent alternative. As an aside, the impossibility of getting real chewy bagels has led to my making a chewy flatbread from the discarded dough from my wife’s louvain bread-making.

    1. Elaine Schwartz says:

      Agreed, Rick. I drive 35 minutes to a Jewish bagel store in Springfield NJ (Bagels Supreme) where they make bagels the traditional way. The taste and texture are what they should be. (I wonder how they make their cream cheese.)

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