How a Pandemic Changes an Airport

Although it led the world in airport traffic during June, Dallas-Fort Worth is adjusting to the massive plunge in air travel.

Are Our Roads Really Crumbling?

Much too low, the D+ from the American Society of Civil Engineers for our transportation infrastructure needs reconsideration.

The Transit Trends That Coronavirus Created

A global look at air travel, driving, walking, and public transportation reveals the transit trends created by the pandemic.

How Maps Tell Us More Than Directions

Because of what they include and omit, the maps that we use for directions tell us a lot more than how to get where we are going.

Why Traffic Light Buttons Are Similar to Bicycles

You know those traffic light buttons that never feel like they make a difference when we want to cross the street? Brookline and Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Auckland, New Zealand and Perth, Australia are reprogramming hundreds of those buttons so we…

The Economic Message Sent by a Smell

By smelling the economy in New York City, London, and Barcelona, we can answer questions about past and present production.

How Chargers and Railroad Tracks are Similar

If the European Union mandates common charger standardization, consumers might applaud but Apple says there is a hidden downside.

The Best Way to Reduce Fare Evasion

Since the typical solutions to subway and bus fare evasion have not worked in NYC and other cities, behavioral scientists are suggesting a new approach.

Should We Charge Electric Cars?

With the depletion of the Highway Trust Fund, Congress needs to decide if its new funding sources will include a pay-by-the-mile tax that charges EVs.

Why We All Need the Same Time

Whereas we moved from many time zones to four during the 19th century, now, with globalization, we should switch to coordinated universal time for everyone.