How to Board a Plane Quickly

Although airlines say that speedy boarding is a priority, their incentives prevent them from ever achieving it.

The Demise of the Gas Station

Looking at gas station economics now and in the future, we see electric vehicle (EV) chargers as an existential threat.

How the 1930s UAW Strike Is Like Today

Comparing two UAW strikes, we can see that the 1930s and 2023 are really not that different when we look at a changing economy.

When a Box Is a Big Deal

Starting with the middle of the 20th century, as transport costs have shrunk, a slew of complementary innovations made shipping even cheaper.

How to Reduce Range Anxiety

Near the top of a list of innovative countries, Sweden is where we could find a road that charges EVs (electric vehicles).

Where Self-Driving Cars Could Take Us

Ultimately creating unintended consequences, more self-driving cars will change insurance policies and pedestrian behavior.

How to Change an Infrastructure

Whether looking from the bottom up or top down, a U.S. transportation infrastructure injection of many billions of dollars is complex.

A New Kind of Traffic Signal

Including Nantucket and the Netherlands, the places that replaced traffic signals with “shared space” had surprising results.

When Our Oil Use Will Change

Moving from the supply side to demand, our estimate of when we can reach peak oil has recently changed.

Why Airline Passengers Wear Fishing Vests

If you want to avoid a baggage fee, try a fly-fishing vest. Asked by WSJ’s reporters, travelers tell how to stuff the vest’s big and small pockets with swimsuits, pants, shoes, toothbrushes, underwear, a laptop, and snacks. Wearing a fishing…