Is Google Harming You?

Google antitrust
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  1. Rick Shapiro says:

    the assimilation of Chicago-school Borkianism into the judicial system has resulted in the majority of essential industries being dominated by a small handful of giant corporations. The resulting economic (and consequent political) power has, via monopsomies in labor and wholesale purchasing, impoverished large sections of the populace; and consumers (initially benefitting from efficiency, according to Bork) are now seeing the ultimate “enshittification”.
    Adam Smith himself clearly stated the dangers of collusion among suppliers. But “wink and nod” collusion is not exclusively a function of human nature. Profit maximizing AIs would do exactly the same thing. And if you think that simple logical tautologies don’t also contribute to gini, then you need to review the chapter on random walk with absorbing walls in your undergrad probability text.
    In a free capitalist society, it is vital for government to put a thumb on the negotiating scales, in favor of the powerless.

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