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Why Life Is Not a Bowl of (Tart) Cherries

Weekly Economic News Roundup and tart cherry prices
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  1. Kathy Morrison says:

    I am a Michigan tart cherry grower and never in the history of our 150 year old farm have we gotten the $4.60 a pound that your article states. We are feeling very lucky when we get 30 cents per pound because usually it is 25 cents or less per pound. I have no idea where your tart cherry price figures came from but they are way, way off the mark.

    1. Kathy, thanks so much for letting me know. I got my price information from the Wall Street Journal. I wonder if I misunderstood their information. This is an excerpt from the article that I linked in my post:
      “Turkish imports of tart dried cherries have nearly doubled annually over the last three years to 1.5 million pounds in 2018, selling at 89 cents a pound. U.S. processors sell the same product for about $4.60 a pound, according to data from USDA.”

  2. Kathy Morrison says:

    Just as the price a cotton farmer gets per pound is far, far less than what is made on a finished product, like a cotton blanket, the price a fruit grower gets versus a fruit processor, is far different. The prices you used are likely the price for a finished, processed product (dried tart cherries). It in no way represents what the tart cherry grower makes per pound which is in the 10-30 cent range. Big difference between the grower and the processor.

    1. I thank you for the accurate prices. I corrected the post.