Macroeconomic Measurement

The Subjective Side of Ranking Statistics

Whether it’s top colleges or the happiest countries, we can ask about the validity of the ranking criteria that were used.

Which Half of the Misery Index Makes Us Sadder?

Recalling the Misery Index and concerns about inflation, we can ask whether economists believe that inflation or unemployment make us sadder.

GDP Surprises in Ireland and Macau

Sometimes when we look at GDP ups and downs, rather than fluctuations in national wealth, something else is happening.

A New Way To Measure the GDP

We can identify new GDP facts about size and wellbeing by seeing the GDP through the PPP lens of the International Comparison Program.

Are We Near Peak Population?

While we know that soon the world will have eight billion people, the debate continues about when we will reach peak population.

Have We Climbed to Peak Inflation?

Seeing some prices start to slip downward, we can look for clues that indicate we are close to peak inflation.

An Update: How a House Builds the GDP

A detailed look at how housing spending boosts the GDP reveals every floor of the expense and its significance.

Where Livestock Outnumber People

Looking at livestock and the GDP and the number of animals on U.S. farms, we see surprisingly disparate statistics.

The Problem With Our Economic Outlook

When assessing the economy consumers used to perceive economic indicators accurately but more recently their outlook has been skewed.

Good and Bad Economic News

Although inflation is the media focus, still, looking at other criteria, we see a potentially optimistic economic outlook.