Macroeconomic Measurement

Why Does It Matter What We Measure?

Because the GDP, the Dow, and even the employment numbers are insufficiently personal, they do a poor job of measuring well-being.

The 5 Economic Facts We Need To Know

When we look at five causes of U.S. economic strength, we can see the seeds of a Goldilocks economy that are continuing to sprout.

How Should We Measure Our Well-Being?

While the Gross Domestic Product is our main measure of our well-being, we can ask if a GDP alternative would do a better job.

When Taylor Swift Caused An “Earthquake”

Through a Washington seismometer, we can use much more than traditional economic data to quantify the success of Taylor Swift’s ERAs tour.

How We See the Economy

Comparing what economists say about the economy to more general sentiment, we can describe a non-economic lens that creates the public’s bias.

The Economic Side of Predicting the Weather

Way beyond predicting the rain and temparature, the National Weather Service, engages in far reaching weather economics.

Where the Misery Index Makes Us Most Miserable

Looking at our happiness through an economic lens, our metric can be a Misery Index composed of inflation and unemployment.

How To Choose the Best Country

While there is no such thing as the best country, different media use a variety of metrics to tell us that some places are better than others.

Why You Might Be Younger Than You Think

Typically starting with your birth date, calculating your age could depend on chronology, biology, or where you live.

How Norway Got A Longer Coastline

Looking at the changing length of Norway’s coastline, we can ask if it is different or the change comes from us.