Macroeconomic Measurement

Solving Some Inflation Mysteries

The 2021 Federal Reserve Board SHED report lets us see the inflation clues we can gather from the increase in household financial well-being.

How to Hide a Price Increase

Expecting consumers to resist 8.3 percent inflation, some retailers have figured out hidden price increases that are tough to see.

A Where, What, and Who Primer for Mother’s Day Spending

Knowing that consumers fuel the GDP, we can ask if our projected Mother’s Day spending will continue to support the economy.

What the Misery Index Says About Sadness

Wondering why plunging unemployment and sustained economic growth have not lifted our spirits, we need just look at the Misery Index.

The Inelastic Side of Inflation

We can see that our inflation concern has become inelastic when we look at the basic groceries that are more expensive.

How U.S. Inflation Compares to Other Countries

Looking at 46 countries, we can ask if global inflation is similar to what we are experiencing in the United States.

How the U.S. Debt Compares to Other Countries

With U.S. government debt at a $30 trillion all time high, we can look inside and beyond our borders to decide if we are borrowing too much.

Where the World Economy Is Moving

Looking at the history of the center of global economic activity, we wind up with a boomerang that starts and ends in the East.

The Best Country In The World

Because “we treasure what we measure,” it is crucial to decide whether you agree with the criteria for choosing the 2021 country of the year.

The Tangles in Our Supply Chain

Globally creating supply chain tangles, the pandemic produced labor shortages and shipping distortions that the system couldn’t handle.