I am Elaine Schwartz, an economics teacher, writer and the founder of econlife®.

I currently teach economics at Kent Place School in Summit, NJ. An avid writer and blogger, I have authored Econ 101 ½  (Avon Books/Harper Collins 1995), Economics: Our American Economy (Addison Wesley 1994), and financial history articles for the Encyclopedia of New Jersey (2004). Currently, I am working on an updated, interactive version of my economics textbooks used by my microeconomics and macroeconomics class, and I also write a daily blog connecting economics with everyday life. 

I was honored through an Endowed Chair in Economics and chaired the History Department at Kent Place for a decade. I present Econ 101 ½ talks, have developed economics curricula, and have led workshops for the Foundation for Teaching Economics and the National Council on Economic Education. With Annenberg Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), I have worked on an economics video series, and for the Concord Coalition, I have facilitated a dialogue on national spending for schools and neighborhood groups. My work has always involved making economics interesting and accessible!


Although honored through an Endowed Chair in Economics and the History Department chairmanship at Kent Place School, the best part of teaching has been decades of having fun in class. Students have learned micro- and macroeconomics, a history of economic thought, the economics behind current events, and created amazing business plans.


I have developed curricula, written several books, and led workshops. Two of my books, Understanding Our Economy (originally published by Addison Wesley as Economics: Our American Economy) and Econ 101 ½  (Avon Books/Harper Collins) are now available at Econlife. You also can read articles I’ve written in the Encyclopedia of New Jersey (Rutgers University Press) and see the Annenberg CPB video project “The Economics Classroom” in which I was a featured teacher.


Beyond the classroom, I present Econ 101 ½ talks and lead workshops for the Foundation for Teaching Economics, the National Council on Economic Education, and for the Concord Coalition.

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