The Mystery of the Cheap Turkey

Lower turkey prices just before Thanksgiving are an economic mystery because a spike in demand is supposed to make products more expensive.

What Red and Blue States Say About Sauces and Spreads

While diners in some red and blue states prefer the same sauces and spreads, they are less alike when we compare their economies.

The Problem With Picking Peppers

New Mexico has a problem with picking green chile peppers because of fewer agricultural workers and some difficulties with mechanization.

Round Two of the Chicken Sandwich War

On November 3, the chicken sandwich war will enter round 2 when Popeyes returns with the chicken sandwich that Chick-fil-A has targeted.

Why We Want the McRib

Much more than if the McDonald’s McRib were always available, its demand soars because of limited availability each year.

All You Need To Know About An Egg Glut

To explain what has been called an egg glut, we can look at egg laying hens, at the changing number of eggs they produce, and at our egg consumption.

The Chicken Sandwich War That Popeyes and Chick-fil-A Started

A Maryland man tried to sell his Popeyes chicken sandwich for $100 through Facebook. He even offered to deliver it in the DC area for an extra $38.52. Because of the frenzy over the sandwich, he might have made the…

Why We Should Worry About Our (Top) Banana

With the arrival of a banana fungus in the Americas, we should start to worry about the survival of one of our most popular fruits.

What North Korean Workers Did With Their Choco Pies

While the North Korean economy is centrally planned, the Choco Pie is a tiny example of the how a market system develops.

Why Tomatoes Require Tradeoffs

About much more than sauces and salads, tomato tradeoffs take us to science and supermarkets, history and trade agreements.