What Unexpected Markets Are Saying About the Royal Wedding

Frequently more accurate than individuals, markets can determine prices and even tell us what will happen at a royal wedding.

How Taylor Swift Solved Her Ticket Problem

Through her new concert tour, “Reputation,” Taylor Swift may have figured out how to prevent scalpers from reducing ticket availability and getting too much of her revenue.

Why Guinea Pigs and Party Dresses Are Similar

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Those Subscriptions That We Love to Buy (and Barely Use)

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How Your Fish Can Signal Your Wealth

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What Economists Say About Roller Coasters

In a top ten list of roller coaster economics, we can include everything from the cost of a kidney stone to world trade and queueing.

New Figure Skating Music…But Who Pays?

Now that music with words can accompany Olympic figure skating, there is less classical music, more hip-hop and Beyoncé, and some questions about intellectual property rights.

The Mystery of the Different Mac and Cheese Prices

When restaurants use dynamic pricing they can maximize revenue and diner flow by charging less on Mondays and more on Saturdays.

Hollywood’s Unusually Large Gender Pay Gap

Hollywood’s gender pay gap displayed by Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg is caused by so much more than one woman’s failure to negotiate.

The Easiest Way to Keep a New Year’s Resolution

Combining our “wants”and “shoulds” into temptation bundling, we wind up with a commitment device that helps us keep our New Year’s resolutions.