When Cash Is Not the Best Thank You

By avoiding repugnant transactions like selling foie gras or human organs, we are eliminating the benefits of the market.

The Tipping Paradox

Disliked by many as discriminatory, inconvenient, and even embarrassing, tipping is a paradox because it refuses to disappear.

The Impact That Working Mothers Have on their Adult Daughters and Sons

Asked if they’re okay, adults with moms who worked said “Chill. We’re doing great.” Their response was similar to the answers in a survey that went to more than 100,000 people in 29 countries. The researchers who gathered the data wanted…

The Mom Penalty and the Dad Bonus

Confirming that children add to the gender pay gap, the motherhood penalty and the fatherhood bonus each create more of a spread between female and male earnings.

How Our Tipping Behavior is Changing

When we last looked at tipping, we said that it was a way to impress people (like Seinfeld’s George, below). Also we might be expressing altruism or just saying thank you for good service. But beyond all of the basics, our…

Why Gender Word Barriers Could Be Worse Than Sticks and Stones

Sometimes more harmful than “sticks and stones,” gender word barriers create images of women that demean their professional skills.

Using Adam Smith to Cross the Road

Wondering why cars happily stop to let pedestrians cross the road on an island without traffic lights, we can find an answer from Adam Smith.

Throwback Thursday: Remembering the Traditional First Date

Only several decades ago, the dating norms that said who paid for a meal were much clearer than they are today because of women’s new economic role.

Weekly Roundup: From Venezuela’s French Fries to the Army’s Pizza

Posts Roundup Sunday 11.01.15 How to be inches away from getting hired…more Monday 11.02.15 Why one-child could be here to stay…more Tuesday 11.03.15 The army food we eat at home…more Wednesday 11.04.15 What a pizza can teach us…more Thursday 11.05.15 The tough part of deciding who…

Weekly Roundup: From Slow Mommy Tracks to Fast Wall Street Traders

Our weekly economics news summary included the yuan and foreign exchange, Google and branding, parental leave and incentives, and choosing your own price.