Where Grandma Isn’t Smiling

When an Australian business school scored the pension income systems in 37 countries, they gave many more C grades than anyone would like to receive.

How Laissez-Faire Countries Tax and Spend

What we tax and how we spend send a message. So today, let’s look at what countries with more economic freedom tell us through their fiscal policy. Laissez-Faire Countries I’ve selected laissez-faire countries from the list created by the Index…

The Mystery of the Missing Money

Starting with Madonna’s unclaimed money and forgotten savings bonds, we wind up with a map that ranks state fiscal health.

Will We Get a Space Force or a Space Corps?

In addition to disagreeing about the name of a new U.S. Space Force, lawmakers have a long list of military, bureaucratic, and fiscal decisions.

Six New Facts To Know About Medicare

Ideal for considering Medicare For All, this Medicare update conveys six facts about Medicare enrollment, Medicare geography, and Medicare popularity.

When a Parking Ticket Is Unconstitutional

When the police use their chalk lines on tires as the basis for parking tickets, they could be violating the U.S. Constitution.

The Economic Side of T. rex

Whenever the discovery, reconstruction, and FEDEx delivery of the Smithsonian’s new T. rex is described, the story usually leaves out the fiscal details.

What a Supermarket Thinks About the Census

Spending decisions from national, state and local government, and private businesses, will depend on accurate data from the 2020 decennial census.

A Single-Payer Primer From the CBO

In a new report, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) presents a menu of choices that we will need to consider if we want single payer healthcare.

Why Healthcare Spending Might Be Less Than We Think

When we look at the cost effectiveness of healthcare spending, we could conclude that it is not as excessive as the headlines indicate.