Exposing What You Hide in Your Garbage

Weighing cost and benefit for Seattle’s recycling environmental regulation involves privacy, dollars, time, and respect for the law and our environment.

Weekly Roundup: From Uber’s Impact to the Cost of Children

Our everyday economics includes social norms, tradeoffs, financial intermediaries, human capital, sovereign debt, externalities,labor markets, & gender gap.

Why Government Needs to Catch Up With Uber

When Uber, Lyft and others in the sharing economy create a new category of jobs, outdated labor laws can create negative externalities.

Weekly Roundup: From Greek Games to Tennis Matches

Our everyday economics includes externalities, branding, monopolistic competition, sovereign debt, game theory, elasticity, taxes, markets and the glass ceiling.

A New Spin For Tennis Economics

Affecting firm competition and player inequality, when billionaire Larry Ellison bought Indian Wells, he generated externalities throughout tennis.

Weekly Roundup: From Steak Patents to Marijuana Taxes

Our everyday economics includes behavioral economics, trade barriers, taxes, entitlements, externalities, intellectual property and industrialization.

What Your Walking Speed Tells Us

The externalities that result from industrialization and economic vitality include how fast we walk, our pace at work and our attitude about time.

The Beginning of Terminal Gridlock

As cargo ships become larger, the supply chain benefits of their economies of scale are offset by the externalities they create at ports and beyond.

Weekly Roundup: From Raisins to BBQ

Our everyday economics includes property rights, sovereign debt, default,, externalities, regulation, Pigovian taxes, incentive, state taxes, and oligopoly.

When Business Has to Pass a Smell Test

When a Texas barbecue restaurant or California hot sauce maker emits odors, municipal regulation can focus on quantity or taxes to restrict the pollution.