How Airports Are Like Apple

Looking at the ten most popular large U.S. airports, we see competition that is designed to attract airlines and travelers.

Why It’s Not Easy to Design a New Animals Crackers Box

When Nabisco realized that it was time to change their Animals Crackers box, they had to recognize new sentiment while retaining an old brand.

Why Starbucks Has a Multi-Billion Dollar Name

Valued at billions of dollars, Starbucks has developed a global brand that added to what the Starbucks name was worth to Nestlé.

The Unusual Ad That Sells Washing Machines

Samsung’s washing machine competition demonstrates typical oligopoly behavior through a 66 minute ad that stars red socks.

A Closer Look at the Digitization in Our Lives

Recorded music used to start with a label and an artist. The production process was expensive because of the skilled technicians and the sophisticated equipment. Add to that a music video, the physical album, the distribution process, and what do…

Why We Like Trix and Chips

When General Mills switched to an all natural Trix, the response was not quite what they expected. One mom said, “My kids find the color of the new Trix cereal quite depressing.” Another Trix lover complained, “It’s basically a salad now.”…

Why We Buy Our iPhones

With its newest and priciest product launch, Apple has made iPhone conspicuous consumption the reason to buy their phone.

Looking at the Southwest Effect

Sometimes invisible, the Southwest Effect has influenced air fares and air traffic since the 1970s when Southwest was a small Texas carrier.

Why UPS and FedEx Have the Prisoners’ Dilemma

Planning their surcharge policy for the holiday shipping surge, UPS and FedEx each was influenced by the Prisoners’ Dilemma.

Why the Greek Yogurt Invasion Was More Than Yoplait’s War

The story of Yoplait’s unsuccessful battle against a Greek Yogurt invasion is really about a war that old food brands are fighting.