What the Corporate Ladder Says About Gender Equity

In addition to the glass ceiling, recent research indicates we should focus on the gender equity that diminishes at the first rung of the corporate ladder.

Six Facts About Women’s Wealth in the World

While women’s wealth in the world has been trending upwards, a look at the estimates in the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2018 reveals the gaps.

Why Women in Movies Matter

Looking at women in movies, we form behavioral expectations about gender roles that relate to leadership, to speech, and to age.

Why We Want Women On Our Money

About more than money, our currency images of Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill relate to gender, race, and our expectations.

Throwback Thursday: What a Kitchen Says About Us

#TBT: Looking at kitchen history on this Throwback Thursday, we can decide what a new kitchen from the 1920s says about us.

The Mystery of the Vanishing Female CEOs

Using 85 observable characteristics, there was little that researchers could use from a Swedish study to prove why the glass ceiling blocks female CEOs.

Where Gender Stereotypes Are Costly

Whether looking at the World Series of Poker or fast growing occupations, we can see that gender stereotypes can create costly decisions.

Why the Sports Bra Is so Much More Than an Undergarment

Far more than an undergarment, the sports bra helped to spread the Title IX mandate through physics, power, and psychology.

Throwback Thursday: What a Disney Princess Used To Be

#TBT: Today’s Throwback Thursday looks back at Disney Princesses, from Snow White to Vanellope, to see how they are changing.

Where the Glass Ceiling Refuses to Shatter

Looking at the glass ceiling, a recent study indicates that progress has stalled for women ascending the legal and corporate ladder.