Where Are Women and Men Most Different?

How much patience you display could affect your economic decisions. So too could your preference for risk and your altruism. Add to that positive and negative reciprocity and trust and you get a new metric, the Global Preferences Survey (GPS).…

Why We Have Fewer Female CEOs

With Indra Nooyi leaving PepsiCo, we have even fewer female CEOs of major corporations who can change expectations about male leadership.

Still More on the Mommy Penalty

Two new papers have looked more closely at the mommy penalty and even identified how women who have no children are affected.

The Women We Never Knew About

Because of the NY Times Overlooked project, Emily Roebling’s long delayed obituary displays how she helped to build the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Job Titles That Should Be Gender Neutral

Recognizing the importance of becoming gender neutral, groups that range from Nantucket’s Selectmen to the U.S. Marines are changing job titles.

The Mystery of the STEM Paradox

Identifying the countries where women are more likely to select STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), scholars had some surprises.

What Uber Says About the Gender Pay Gap

Uber is gender blind. Callers do not select a male or female driver nor do they even know which gender could pick them up. Similarly, driver pay is based on an algorithm, not your gender. It relates to a base…

The Downside of Interrupting Women

According to Supreme Court etiquette, the justices should not be interrupted by the attorneys who appear before them. Still though, the women are interrupted. The Supreme Court On average, female Supreme Court justices are interrupted three times as much as…

Less Recognized Reasons For the Gender Pay Gap

By focusing on social norms that determine the division of labor at home and traditional workplace incentives, we can narrow the gender pay gap.

Why We Need Female Monuments

In New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., public spaces under-represent women’s past leadership through too few female monuments.