February 2019 Friday’s e-links: From Jeff Bezos to Hurricane Katrina and Lyndon Johnson

Friday’s e-links: Today we share a podcast series that focuses solely on Amazon–from its origin to current issues that range from drones to trust.

What You Can See in a Christmas Tree

Deciding between artificial and real Christmas tree purchases, we can contemplate convenience, tradition, health, and even our cats.

The New Meaning of Fast Delivery

From the nineteenth century to the twenty-first, our expectations for fast letter and package delivery have changed considerably.

Two Amazon Stories (and More)

Sweden had unusually low Amazon numbers in the 2017 PwC global retail survey. In Sweden just 13% of all product searches start with Amazon. For the U.S. that number is 45%. Wondering about the difference, I started to do a…

There’s No Such Thing As Free Shipping

Just like there’s no such thing as a free lunch, for consumers, retailers and shippers, there’s no such thing as free shipping.

What Happens When the Price Isn’t Right

Maybe 20% of all online prices change daily. Some even change every few minutes. When the Wall Street Journal compared Amazon, Sears and Best Buy, they saw intraday prices bounce between a low of $744.46 and a high of $899.99:   The year…

A 13 Minute Delivery

With “click to plop” in just 13 minutes, last week’s totally automated Amazon drone delivery to a real customer can create huge cost savings.

Amazon’s New Way to Think About Prices

Knowing that Amazon’s list prices will soon disappear from most of their ads, we can ask Nobel laureate Danial Kahneman how they affected us.

Restroom Access and Power

Formally or informally, through laws or architecture, limiting restroom access to women, transgender people and men creates externalities and powerlessness.

Amazon’s Government Connection

No longer laissez-faire, government creates a mixed economy when it responds to Amazon’s lobbying and other firms’ influence.