Worrying About the Treasury’s “X” Date

Concerned about the “X” date, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has written a letter to House Speaker Ryan about the debt ceiling.

How an Economic Statistic Created a Crime

When Greek deficit totals were revised by the head of their statistical office, the Greek government said a crime had been committed.

Why the Philadelphia Soda Tax is Fizzling

Like all sin taxes, the Philadelphia sugary drinks tax has had an unpredictable impact on revenue and the alternatives that people select.

How Marijuana Taxes Affect Our Behavior

The state of Washington created new marijuana tax incentives when it switched how it taxed pot growers, processors and retailers.

Connecting Medicaid Expansion to the Divorce Rate

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Medicaid expansion and subsequent Supreme Court decision had a surprising impact the divorce rate.

How the Post Office Makes No Cents

Thinking of postal service finances, you might picture Meyer Chuck, Alaska’s 25 residents receiving a weekly mail delivery.

The Surprising Consequences of Taxing Bagels and Windows

By changing our homes and our cream cheese purchases, taxes on bagels and windows can have unintended consequences when they distort our behavior.

How Japan’s Shrinking Population Creates Growing Problems

The fiscal challenges that Japan’s shrinking population has created come from a shrinking birth rate and an aging population.

A Reality Check For Pension Recipients

Shown through grades that are mostly Cs and Ds, state pension problems display unrealistic fiscal policy decisions for an aging population.

When a Score is Not About a Game

Told that the House had not waited for CBO scoring results before passing a version of the American Health Care Act, we can ask what they were missing.