Election Economics 2016: Tax Equity

Currently at 40% for estates that exceed $5.45 million, the federal estate tax is liked by neither candidate. While Hillary Clinton wants to raise it, Donald Trump says erase it. Where are we going? To equitable solutions. The Frugals and the Profligates…

Election Economics 2016: Equality or Efficiency?

With the presidential election only weeks away, it is time to return to our quadrennial series on the issues. While each Tuesday we will spotlight specific topics like the deficit and aging, I thought a philosophy definer was the right place to start. Where…

What We Don’t Know About Corporate Taxes

Hearing Europe’s top anti-trust regulator say that Apple owes Ireland €13 billion in back taxes, I thought of the Belgian surrealist artist, René Magritte. When Magritte said “Everything we see hides another thing,” he could have been talking about corporate taxes.…

The Mystery of Unequal Female Life Expectancy

Trying to figure out why female life expectancy varies from state to state, researchers looked at personal behavior and her economic “context.”

Ireland’s Unbelievable GDP

Based on GDP statistics, Ireland’s GDP growth rate of 26.3% is misleading because it is boosted by corporate tax inversions.

Which Generation Gets the Best Deal From Social Security?

At 65, in 1940, Ida May Fuller got the first US monthly Social Security retirement check for $22.54. In 1941, she got $22.54 each month. In 1942, 1943, and 1944 she still got her $22.54. Until 1950, she received $22.54 a…

The Power of a Tax Incentive

Deciding if you support cigarette taxes on e-cigarettes depends on whether you think they are a health risk or a weapon in the battle against tobacco.

New York’s Bag Fee Fight

The arguments for and against plastic bag fees have created a heated debate about the environment, jobs, shopping and revenue.

The Economic Side of Russian Vodka Consumption

Closely connected to tax revenue and civilian attitudes towards government, Russian vodka consumption was affected by economic incentives.

Everything We Could Ever Want to Know About Cigarette Taxes

An example of a sin tax, cigarette taxes can create incentives that involve saving lives, increasing revenue, entitlement spending, and smuggling.