Why It’s Tough to Solve Traffic Congestion

While the traffic congestion problem in NYC, LA and D.C. wastes huge time and money, they do not appear to want to solve it.

How to Google Gender Bias

Reflecting and encouraging gender bias against women, the occupational pictures displayed online at Google images can be inaccurate and unprofessional.

Why There is No Such Thing as Free Parking

Even in North Dakota where there is a ban on parking meters along town and city streets, there is no such thing as free parking.

The Revenge of the Smartphone

When technology bites back, it forces us to recognize that all new things can have unintended consequences that offset the benefits of innovation.

Econlife Quiz: The Economics of U.S. Presidential Inaugurations

One week ago, America witnessed the Inauguration of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. From million dollar donors to glitzy ball gowns, no doubt a U.S. Presidential Inauguration has become both a historic and spectacular occasion. The…

An Easy Way to Prevent a Traffic Jam

Back to pre-recession levels, traffic congestion has unexpected solutions that include people who let lane changers cut in front of them.

How California Will Change a Cow’s Life

Methane emissions from cow burps have just been regulated in California because they are far more potent than carbon dioxide.

When Beach-Hogging is a Tragedy (of the Commons)

Beach-hogging is rather similar to air pollution and overfishing because they all create a tragedy of the commons that harms others.

Restroom Access and Power

Formally or informally, through laws or architecture, limiting restroom access to women, transgender people and men creates externalities and powerlessness.

The Tennis Pay Gap

In tennis and other sports, the equal pay debate relates to ideas from feminist and identity economics that focus on attitudes about women’s worth.