The Ripple of a No Deal Brexit

When we follow the trail of a no deal Brexit, the massive ripple of its impact ranges from intangible uncertainty to a real impact on business activity.

What Feta Farmers Fight For

The EU provides feta cheese makers protection from competition through a geographical indication that gives their name monopoly power.

Why Italy Is Selling Some Palazzos

Looking at Italy’s debt and beyond at the world, we can worry about massive borrowing that reflects a larger proportion of a country’s GDP.

Six Facts: Understanding More About Brexit

The political and economic sides of Brexit’s problems involve the impact of a potential no vote in Parliament and controversial draft agreement issues.

Changing EU Times

European Union time zones could change if individual nations get to choose if they want perpetual summer time or winter time.

How the EU and the U.S. Fought a Banana Trade War

With tariffs and quotas the weapons, the 1990s banana trade war between the European Union and the U.S. was a classic except for one key difference.

Why We Need Holey Cow and Other Cheesy Names

Even U.S. cheesemakers suffer when the EU (European Union) says you can’t use a label like Parmesan or feta because your cheese wasn’t made in the required place.

What Brexit Subtracts From the EU

To how the Europeans feel about a Brexit impact, we can add how the U.K. will affect the EU’s GDP, population, budget, imports and exports when it leaves.

What Brexit Will Do to the EU Budget

About more than the U.K., Brexit also creates EU budget problems because of the 10 to 12 billion euros that the British will no longer give annually.

How a Steel Tariff Creates a Lobster Trap

As Canadian fisheries enjoy more business because a trade deal lowered the price of lobster exports, Maine’s fisherman are suffering from lower sales.