When Daylight Saving Is Not the Best Time

Whereas many of us ask whether we should switch between daylight saving time and standard time, the question is not quite so simple.

Swedish Women, Power, and Divorce

Comparing Swedish men and women with top jobs in politics and business, we see that their divorce rates can vary considerably.

The EU Budget Battle

Called a “budget bloodbath,” the European Union (EU) cannot decide where to get the billions of euros it will no longer receive from the U.K.

A China Story: Doggie Doo-dah Bags

A visit to a doggie doo-dah plastic bags maker in China illustrates the shift from Chinese manufacturing to Vietnam and Indonesia.

Why Tomatoes Require Tradeoffs

About much more than sauces and salads, tomato tradeoffs take us to science and supermarkets, history and trade agreements.

Why You Might Want a Line Sitter

Because hours could be spent waiting in line for a theater ticket, a great piece of pizza, or a Thanksgiving Day Parade spot, you can hire a line sitter.

What Our Time Costs Us

While the average life in the United States has 42 million minutes, the cost of spending time can depend on our wealth, where we live, and our age.

The One Investment That Is (Probably) a Sure Thing

Calculating the value of college involves what we spend, what we sacrifice, what we earn, and some other surprising considerations.

Charging the Wrong Cars

While electric vehicle subsidies create the incentives to buy more environmentally friendly vehicles, they might be targeting the wrong people.

What Paternity Leave Can Do to Dads

With the popularity of paternity leave increasing, researchers wanted to know whether it influenced the number of children that fathers in Spain wanted.