What Paternity Leave Can Do to Dads

With the popularity of paternity leave increasing, researchers wanted to know whether it influenced the number of children that fathers in Spain wanted.

When Ketchup and Parking Are Similar

Whether we are buying Heinz ketchup from a supermarket or a coupon from a Manhattan parking garage, money and time will shape our shopping behavior.

The Two Sides of a Pilot’s Decisions

Involving safety, airline pilots’ decisions during takeoff, flight, and landing reflect cost and benefit tradeoffs that their passengers rarely recognize.

Why Aren’t We Worried About the Budget Deficit?

Although the U.S. budget deficit just hit a five-year high, an economist could explain why politicians and voters are not worried.

Six Facts About Disaster Economics

When natural disasters like hurricanes, massive snowstorms, and wildfires strike a region, their economic impact is far more than the clean-up.

How We Use Our Time

To see if we allocate time like a typical American, we can look at a jelly beans video and the annual American Time Use Survey (ATUS).

The Woman Who Wants a Moon Dust Market

Unless the U.S. government lets a woman in Tennessee keep and then sell her moon dust, it will remain a “priceless” national treasure with unknown value.

Six Facts We Need To Know About Medicare

Soon to be swamped by the baby boomers, Medicare’s finances are summarized in this year’s report from the trustees that oversee the program’s funding.

Why It’s Tough To Be a BFC (Bike-Friendly City)

Looking at the world’s most bike-friendly cities, you can see why only one city in the U.S. was among the top twenty in 2015 and none were there in 2017.

More on the Mom Penalty

Whether we look at a cartoon on women’s “mental load” at home or a recent study on the gender pay gap in Denmark, the problem is the mommy penalty.