How Airports Are Like Apple

Looking at the ten most popular large U.S. airports, we see competition that is designed to attract airlines and travelers.

U.S. Steel and Apple: From One Billion to One Trillion

Rather like Apple just became the first trillion dollar corporation, in 1901 U.S. Steel took us past the billion dollar threshold.

Deciding Where the iPhone X Is Most Expensive

Looking around the world, you might discover that iPhone X prices aren’t the best indicator of where it is most expensive.

Why We Will or Won’t Stand in Line

Apple’s iPhone X went on sale Friday. At their Palo Alto store, the first person in line arrived Tuesday evening at 9:30. By late Thursday the queue was described as “75+ chairs long.” This is the video of the Palo…

Why We Buy Our iPhones

With its newest and priciest product launch, Apple has made iPhone conspicuous consumption the reason to buy their phone.

How a Sound Sells a Product

Suggesting luxury or freshness or just plain pleasing, sometimes product sounds can be an unforgettable competitive tool.

What Happens When the Price Isn’t Right

Maybe 20% of all online prices change daily. Some even change every few minutes. When the Wall Street Journal compared Amazon, Sears and Best Buy, they saw intraday prices bounce between a low of $744.46 and a high of $899.99:   The year…

The Brands We Love the Most

Popular in many countries, firms like Apple are top brands not only because of their products but also from the emotional loyalty they create.

What We Don’t Know About Corporate Taxes

Hearing Europe’s top anti-trust regulator say that Apple owes Ireland €13 billion in back taxes, I thought of the Belgian surrealist artist, René Magritte. When Magritte said “Everything we see hides another thing,” he could have been talking about corporate taxes.…

Why Apple Should Not Increase Its Tax Bill

Based on a tax code that was made for an industrial age, current corporate taxes that multinationals like Apple could owe need to reflect a digital world.