Which Generation Should Get More From Everyone Else?

Deciding which groups should give which should receive, government redistribution policies could be based on a generational lens.

Seeing Gander on 9/11 Through a Different Lens

While Gander’s hospitality on 9/11 is an example of considerable graciousness, it also can be remembered for its economics.

What a High Social Score Can Get You in China

In 2020, China will have implemented a social score program that will use behavioral inputs to decide which goods and services residents can access.

The Downside of Winning the Amazon Race

Requiring a multi-billion dollar package of tax incentives and other inducements, winning the contest for Amazon’s HQ2 might not be as good as it sounds.

Can Shoveling a Parking Spot Make It Yours?

Called winter dibs, shoveling the snow from a public parking space can temporarily make that spot your private property…but should it?

What a $450 Million Price Tag Tells Us

On November 15, Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi sold for $450.3 million ($400 million plus fees). The auction lasted 19 minutes. Salvator Mundi: Where are we going? To the message from the price. Where to Ship When you are dealing…

A Green Flip-Flop For Peak Oil

Hubbert’s Peak is the highest point on an oil well’s bell curve. Because the downside comes next, it represents the beginning of the end of our oil supply. And just the beginning of our story… Peak Oil Supply M. King…

Why Hamilton Fights Bots

Hoping to control Hamilton’s ticket prices, the show’s producers are waging a war against the bots and scalpers that distort supply and demand.

Throwback Thursday: Remembering the Best French Fries

#TBT Throwback Thursday: Looking back at the original McDonald’s french fries that were made with beef tallow, we could say that the taste was worth the fat.

The Downside of Eating Less Steak

Giving up steak takes you to an environmental decision that involves how much cows devour and what you eat instead of beef.