The Sad Story of the Two Tons of Mint That Nobody Wanted

When people are not going to drink128,000 Mint Juleps because the Kentucky Derby is postponed, the local mint grower has a problem.

When Finger Lickin’ Became a Problem

With new social norms and health requisites, companies like Domino’s and Apple are producing pandemic advertising that conveys a different message.

The Beer That No One Wants to Buy

The firms that produce craft beer and the farmers that grow Idaho potatoes have somewhat similar pandemic supply problems.

What You Might See on a Ghost Flight

Called ghost flights, empty passenger jets are being redeployed for freight although their seats and cargo holds are not ideal.

When Pandemic Electricity Demand Is Like the Big Flush

Although pandemic lockdowns have reduced electricity demand, still, like the “big flush” after the Super Bowl, they need to retain peak capacity.

What Happens When Landlords Don’t Receive the Rent

When millions of jobless individuals cannot pay the rent, they initiate a ripple of nonpayments that touches many people and businesses.

The Long Term Economic Impact of a Pandemic

In addition to the short term suffering and disruption, world pandemics since the 14th century have had a multi-decade economic impact.

How the 2020 Pandemic Is Like the 1930s Depression

Because of state mandated lockdowns, dairy farmers are responding to less demand from restaurants, schools, and hotels by dumping milk.

Where We’ve Been Scrambling For Eggs

Whereas toilet paper shortages have been in the news, the headlines could also have included surging egg demand, especially in Israel.

Why Traffic Light Buttons Are Similar to Bicycles

You know those traffic light buttons that never feel like they make a difference when we want to cross the street? Brookline and Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Auckland, New Zealand and Perth, Australia are reprogramming hundreds of those buttons so we…