The Difference Between a Living Wage and a Minimum Wage

Comparing a living wage with the minimum wage, a group at MIT demonstrate how much more low income families need to earn to afford their necessities.

Comparing Parental Leave Plans

Including California and the U.K., the number and benefits of parental leave plans have been increasing but we also should consider the tradeoffs.

Scrambled Egg Markets

Eggs prices have been rising due to California’s poultry cage mandate, the drought, the avian flu and now, more demand from McDonald’s.

A New Kind of Map Where Norway is Next to Peru

To grasp the huge size of the U.S. GDP we can identify countries that have similar nominal output to individual states like California and Brazil.

When Does it Cost Too Much to Save a Human Life?

Is $1 a day for someone else’s pill too much to pay with your tax dollars? $10? $100? $1,000? Kaiser Health News recently reported that a new treatment for hepatitis C with a 90% success rate will cost $1,000 a pill. Lasting 12 weeks, the treatment…

Should Gender Equity Include Diaper Changing Tables?

Women are used to seeing fold-out diaper changing tables in restrooms. A baby care convenience, they are not required by any law. Now though, California is deciding whether infants’ changing tables should be mandated. One proposal requires diapering stations in…

An Offer Sriracha Cannot Refuse?

Hearing tax incentives and “sensible” regulation, will Sriracha move from Irwindale, California to Texas? Last year, Irwindale residents complained that the local Sriracha processing plant was a “public nuisance.” Hearing that their teary eyes, sore throats, heartburn, asthma and nosebleeds…

The California/Missouri Chicken Cage Disagreement

Sort of like coach or first class, most of the chickens that lay our eggs live in a battery or a colony cage.  In the typical cage called the battery, a chicken has 67 square inches. By contrast, colony cages…

Law & Order and Jimmy Fallon

States can use taxes for more than revenue. Our story begins when NYC lost the $79 million that Law & Order generated annually because NBC cancelled the show. Just feeding the actors for 14 years meant $1.5 million to David’s Gourmet Catering and…

A Nutty Demand and Supply Story

Our almond story starts on the demand side in China with a name change. Just like apricot kernals, California almonds had been called xing ren until the apricot kernel growers accused the Americans of “deceiving consumers.” Trying to minimize a marketing…