How to Own the Word How

Everyday economics and trademark law
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  1. julianfstr says:

    I love the Apple reference at the end. As you probably already know, Apple and the Beatles fought over the name, the Beatles claiming Apple (Apple Computer at the time) was stealing the name of their record label. The sound designer responsible for coming up with many of the trademark Apple alert sounds (including the startup sound), Jim Reekes, named their famous “Sosumi” beep in a moment of inspiration as he was struggling to come up with a name for the sound that didn’t sound too musical. It’s really a play on “So, sue me.” (Apple’s lawyers insisted that Apple remain very careful not to do anything that might suggest they are involved in the music industry — to maintain a clear distance from possible trademark infringement of the Beatles’ record label.) Here’s Jim talking about it:

  2. econlife says:

    So many great Apple stories.

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