Why It’s Now the Pits For Avocados

Although Fresh Direct did not really eliminate the avadcado pit, they could more accurately tell us that they were increasing avocado prices.

Why the Supply of Avocados Could Dip

We could have a problem with our supply of Super Bowl guacamole if Mexico’s pipeline fuel thefts lead to avocado shortages.

Why the U.S. Has a Cheese Glut

From changing tastes to tariffs to the number of dairy cows, changes in demand and supply have created a massive cheese glut.

A Tale of Corn and Climate

A look at corn and climate change in northern Canada demonstrates the different markets that develop when temperatures rises.

An Amazon Market in South America

Everywhere we read about Amazon markets. But today, it’s the real thing. Where are we going? To what you can buy in the Amazon Basin. From Jungle to Table Our story starts in an upscale restaurant in La Paz, Bolivia.…

Why Wedding Tickets Should (or Should Not) Be For Sale

By identifying the moral limits of markets, we can decide what should and should not be sold…like wedding tickets and high grades.

Why an Economist Can Solve a Poop Problem

Sometimes you need an economist who figures out how to improve Senegal’s sanitation by getting more people to use toilet suckers.

The Woman Who Wants a Moon Dust Market

Unless the U.S. government lets a woman in Tennessee keep and then sell her moon dust, it will remain a “priceless” national treasure with unknown value.

The Real Reason a Springsteen Ticket is Pricey

Observing all the laws of supply and demand, Broadway ticket revenue is hitting new highs because of scarce theater space and three blockbuster hits,

Where to Find an Inventor

To fuel the innovation that jumpstarts economic growth, researchers have figured out less traditional ways that will encourage more people to become inventors.