What the Grocery Store Says About Us

More than a place to buy food, the grocery store says a lot more about the affluence from our GDP and our subjective well-being.

The Package That Amazon Returned

Now that Amazon’s HQ2 will not be in Long Island City, New York, we can ask if the multi-billion dollar incentive package was worth the tradeoffs.

Where Will Automation Change Our Lives?

Whether looking at a self-driving car or your airline ticketing app, you can see how automation has begun to shift job activities.

Six Facts: What It’s Handy To Know About China

A look at U.S. China trade history reveals how the Chinese economy has changed and what a combination of command and the market can accomplish.

Getting Some Unemployment Insight Through a JOLT

By looking at job openings, hires, and quit rates in the JOLT Summary, we can get some unemployment insight about tighter labor markets.

What a Government Shutdown Does to Each of Us

A government shutdown is again in the news. The key date is December 21. If federal agencies without funding do not get their money by then, they have to follow their shutdown rules. I suspect most of us will be…

The Light Side of South Africa’s Electricity Problems

Indicating the bigger problems with South Africa’s electricity, Trevor Noah’s Grandma says she does not watch “The Daily Show” because of load shedding.

The Unintended Impact of Amazon’s HQ2

Since Amazon will probably select among the most prosperous regions in the U.S. for its HQ2 pick(s), we could find that the strong will get even stronger.

The Light Side of Economic Growth

Looking at William Nordhaus’s study of lighting history, we can see how increasingly cheaper illumination boosted our living standards.

The Facts You Never Knew About the Nobel Economics Prize

First awarded more than 70 years after the original Nobel Prizes began, the Nobel Economics Prize is worth some unexpected extras.