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Why the Republicans and Democrats Are Like Coke and Pepsi

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  1. AdamWest says:

    No. There is a well defined difference of philosophy, purpose and policy between the American political parties. Both publish their platform and planks for anyone to see. The differences in ideology are clearly drawn and echo real differences in brain structures.

    What they do have in common is the corrupting influence of money.
    Btw someone use a economic calendar?Like this: ( I found this widget very useful.

    It is very expensive to be in American politics, but it also brings you financial opportunities. The majority of people in congress are millionaires and the average campaign costs over $10 million. While the average income for the rest of us is around $59k, we pay them a salary of over $170k, yet most in congress make more from investments than paychecks, just like real rich people.

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