The Hidden Part of Our Pay

While the explicit part of workers’ pay is in dollars, sometimes parts of our compensation package are somewhat hidden.

How Should We Measure China’s Economic Growth?

Doubting China’s growth rate, economists use alternative figures or even satellite images rather than traditional GDP components.

Why Household Production Needs a Price

Because “we treasure what we measure,” adding household production to the GDP would boost the value of what most women do.

What a “K” Says About Starbucks

After the Great Recession, businesses engaged the premiumization that recognizies the split between high and low income households.

How Valentine’s Became a Chocolate and Card Day

Smithsonian Magazine tells us that India wants to rebrand Valentine’s Day. Urging their citizens to shift to their own culture from a Western tradition, the Modi government proclaimed that February 14 would be “Cow Hug Day.” In the West also,…

Where Our Economic Tailwinds Are Taking Us

Looking at our economic tailwinds and headwinds, we can ask if together they will create a soft landing rather than a recession.

Six Facts: Alcohol Economics

Positively and negatively, affecting countires with high and low income, the impact of alcohol economics is global.

When Lipstick Is an Unusual Indicator

As an unusual economic indicator, an uptick in lipstick sales can signal a downturn in the economy because it is a cheap luxury.

Six Facts: When the World Became More (And Less) Equal

Among the countless ways to measure global inequality, we can look between nations, within them, and over time.

What Unusual Economic Indicators Are Telling Us

Whereas trhe U.S. givernment uses 11 leading economic indicators, others look at unexpected predict a recession.