Taxes and Spending

Where a Universal Basic Income Was Successful

consumer price changes
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  1. Louie W says:

    Fascinating. Could a UBI be achieved at a greater scale? Across a whole country even?

    It’s also interesting that UBI and related concepts like a negative income tax seem to have attracted interest from across the spectrum. From the left certainly, from Nixon like you said, Milton Friedman too and, somewhat randomly, the Australian Pirate Party – what their platform is I have no idea!

    Maybe because, in theory at least, administering a single UBI could be simpler and more efficient than our current complex welfare systems? Even if there’s a risk that it provides perverse incentives for people capable of working not to – that’s assuming all the jobs haven’t already been replaced by AI and automation (I’m kidding…I think…)

    1. Thanks, Louie,
      Your comment is fascinating.

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