Using Pizza to Understand the Trade Deficit

We can look at pizza take-out to see why a trade deficit involves much more than spending more on the imports you buy than the exports you sell.

Why Valentine’s Roses Bloom in Colombia

Most of our Valentine’s roses come from Colombia because of the U.S. government, the perfect combination of land, labor and capital, and Walmart.

Why Tomatoes are Controversial

Texas and Ohio call the tomato their state fruit. But in New Jersey, it’s the state vegetable. Where are we going? To why people care about what we call a tomato. A Supreme Court Decision Because of the Tariff of…

Why the Panama Canal is Bigger and Better

Enabling the newest massive container ships to travel to the East Coast, the Panama Canal expansion changed the world’s transportation infrastructure.

The Washing Machine Trade War

My LG washing machine was more expensive than it should have been. The reason takes us to washing machine dumping and tariffs. The Washing Machine Wars My Korean-made washing machine (and others like it) was the target of a complaint…

What Most of Us Don’t Know About the G20

Predictable and surprising, G20 facts about the group’s countries and last week’s meetings show how we remain interconnected.

Throwback Thursday: Sending Tanks (and Thanks) to a Canal

As our first Throwback Thursday, we look at the present and the past with the 2,000 barrel beer tanks that traveled on the Erie Canal.

Why Toyota is an American Car

A source of jobs and economic growth, the leading manufacturer of American made cars is not a U.S. firm because of globalization.

A Tale of Two T-Shirts

Covering 500 or so miles, a made-in-America t-shirt supply chain can be very different from a globally sourced t-shirt that travels more than 15,000 miles.

What We Can Learn From the First Brexit

Like a contentious divorce, Brexit negotiations take us back to an EU exit precedent and forward to untangling countless agreements and regulations.