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The Sounds That Can Sell a Product

Weekly Economic News Roundup and music catalog monetization
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  1. Julian Foster says:

    It’s interesting to see the tradeoffs involved here as well. A large number of Sun Chips’ consumers expressed their tolerance for noise pollution vs. environmental pollution when they stopped buying the eco friendly bags because they’re too noisy — effectively saying “I care about the planet only to the point where it begins to encroach on peace and quiet.”

    An interesting twist on the same topic appeared on Smithsonian.com’s article about the use of land art to reduce noise pollution from Amsterdam’s Shiphol Airport. An architecture firm was hired to create a maze-like park whose many ridges and hedges absorb some of the sound from the air traffic, and reduced airport noise by almost half upon opening. Interesting here is the fact that they chose this option rather than reducing the number of flights so as not to harm interstate and international shipping and commerce running through the airport. So here they’ve found a solution that works on many levels.

    I wonder how well the eco friendly chip bag would have gone in Amsterdam?


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