A Lesson From a Grapefruit

Florida citrus industry
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  1. Joel Schwartz says:

    Have not had a grapefruit in 25 years…..miss them, especially the juice………………….Doctors orders…..Joel

    1. Joan says:

      I take a cholesterol lowering drug, but fortunately grapefruits do not interact with the drug. I love my grapefruit at breakfast and am unable to drink orange juice due to the acid from the skin of the orange contaminating the juice during processing. So from reading your article, I now know why grapefruits are so expensive and of poor quality.

  2. Alexis says:

    I recently read an article suggesting that frequent grapefruit consumption can increase the risk of skin cancer. Not sure of the accuracy of the study but I was taken aback. Always thought grapefruit was a healthy citrus.

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