What You Never Knew About Standing in Line

I wonder whether culture created queue problems at Rio 2016. In a recent podcast, Freakonomics host Stephen Dubner told about his line problem at a European Championship soccer tournament. Arriving at the stadium for a German-Polish match, he and his son went…

Why Bronze Medal Winners Look So Happy

Economics can explain why Olympic bronze medal winners seem happy while the athletes who won a silver medal might not look as pleased.

Gender Inequality at the Olympics

Reflecting gender inequality at the Olympics, more men than women can win medals at Rio 2016 and some rules display outdated attitudes on female frailty.

Is Happiness a Good Reason to Host the Olympics?

Not nearly an economic bonanza, the cost to host the Olympics is considerable while the benefit to host is happiness. Is it worth it?

Olympic Predictions In Unconventional Categories

Predicting and observing Rio 2016 with unconventional categories, we can use statistics to see the Olympic games through a different lens.