Some Medical History

late 1940s: Harry Truman proposed (unsuccessfully) what is now called a single -payer plan. Congressmen Richard Nixon and Jacob Javits supported (unsuccessfully) a government

A Sick Health Care Bill?

Reading the Concord Colition’s 15 page assessment of health care reform provides a sound sense of the questions I would like to ask. 1. Does it matter that people who fund the program will not benefit? During the 1930s,…

A Stimulating Idea From China

The place is Inner Mongolia. The city is Ordos. Actually, within 18 miles, there are two Ordos. One looks like a normal city. Built with stimulus money, the second Ordos looks complete except for one detail; there are no people.…

Crowding Out or In?

In their textbooks, economists typically refer to

That $17,000.00 Flight

The September 26th Daily Notes link is an article in the National Journal Magazine by Jonathan Rauch that describes what it would be like to book a flight if traveling resembled health care. Yes, just like health care, lack of…