Debating the Size of the Social Safety Net

If Finland replaces benefits with a monthly check, the tradeoffs for its safety net programs will be domestic and international.

Four Maps That Tell What We Really Know About a Supreme Court Healthcare Decision

Affecting ACA tax credit subsidies in 34 states, the Supreme Court Affordable Care Act decision will impact entitlement spending.

Why the Social Security Crisis Has Begun

Caused by aging baby boomers, expanded criteria and the remnants of the great recession, SSDI entitlement spending is approaching insolvency.

Where Do the Slimmest Americans Live?

Because obesity related diseases increase entitlement spending, should government use penalties rather than incentives to slim the US population?

Entitlement Spending: Does Unexpected Wealth Make a Difference?

Assume for a moment that the leaders of a society want to see what happens when they make people wealthier. Their approach is simple. To random households, they decide to make available the median level of wealth. At this point,…

Entitlement Spending: Aging Benefits

When you combine better health care with generous pensions you get (choose one):- – happy retirees – happy politicians – insufficiently funded national pension programs – the eurozone – the United States – other To select an answer let’s start…

Now or Later?

Reading about why people have a tough time delaying gratification, I started to think about countries. First people… A part of your brain–the insula–becomes more active when faced with an unpleasant task like dieting or seeing your team lose. Two…

A Smaller Safety Net?

In France, a 24 hour workers’ strike brought retirement rights back to the headlines. Saying that a 60 year old retirement age was no longer affordable, French President Sarkozy has proposed moving it up to 62. French workers disagree. In…