The Economic Indicator That Coronavirus Can Create

Coronavirus can create an economic indicator that tells us whether manufacturing activity has increased or decreased in China.

What We Did Right During the 1918-1919 Pandemic

Formulating coronavirus policy, politicians and physicians can look at the successful non-pharmaceutical interventions during the 1918-1918 pandemic.

The Six Facts We Want to Know About the Italian Economy

Six facts can show the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on an Italian economy that is one of the weakest in the Eurozone.

Where Fashion Is Suffering From the Coronavirus

Through its fashion weeks, its factories, and its stores, the fashion industry is suffering from the impact of the coronavirus.

Why We Want Higher Face Mask Prices

Rather than gouging or profiteering, higher prices are best described as the incentives we need to boost the world’s face mask supply.

How Garlic Relates to Coronavirus

While we’ve heard the coronavirus impact on two cruise ships and on Apple’s projected revenue, its impact on garlic is less well known.