A Tale of Two Adam Smiths

Whereas Adam Smith might have valued the Real Junk Food Project, he knew that the market’s agricultural productivity was what really fed people.

Holiday Dilemmas

Can doing good be bad? At food banks, the holiday season brings an avalanche of food from donors when the charity could purchase the food more cheaply and use volunteer time more wisely. As a result, charitable food donations misallocate…

(Product) Red. How far will it go?

It is safe to say that ten years ago, not many people would have imagined that we could purchase music right off of the Internet and have the proceeds go straight to charity. One of the more reasonable ways to…

Milton Friedman’s Philosophy

On Milton Friedman… “At a conference 34 years ago, celebrating Friedman’s 60th birthday, I presented a paper questioning that dictum by noting that the vast part of apparently nonprofit-oriented behavior by corporate managers was really — and necessarily — a…

Do you buy things ONLY because they benefit charitable organizations or causes? Part II

Charitable items have entered the world of small brands. For instance, a rare (yet noteworthy) example of this is Kiehl