A New Reason To Worry About Social Security

With spending exceeding payroll tax income, Social Security deficits have already begun that a trust fund back-up will have problems covering.

Why We Should Worry About Medicare

With 2028 a Medicare turning point, the 2016 Trustees Report on Medicare focuses on the revenue/spending gap that is creating Medicare’s money problems.

The Cost of An All-American iPhone

With “Made in America” becoming a huge election issue, the MIT Technology Review  tried to calculate the cost of making an iPhone here. They called it “The All-American iPhone.” Where are we going? To a $3.6 billion sacrifice. iPhone Components…

The Jobs That Politicians Lose Because of Globalization

Employment in Alabama’s 5th Congressional District has been hit hard by China. According to one estimate for 2001 to 2011, 3.77% of all jobs in the district were displaced because of manufacturing layoffs. Also, the moderate Republican congressman representing the 5th District lost his…

How To Know You’re Sitting Next to a Billionaire

With globalization the source of the wealth of the super-rich, billionaire characteristics that relate to education can be surprising.

Stock Markets and the Presidential Election

When we look at presidential election economics, stock markets indices like the Dow and the S&P 500 have been used to forecast results.