Why Cheap Was a Problem for Starbury Signature Sneakers

When Stephon Marbury priced his signature sneakers at $14.98, he had more of a problem selling them than he had expected,

How to Get Team Chemistry

Trying to figure out the reason for success in Major League Baseball could take us beyond individual talent to understanding the sources of team chemistry.

The Surprising Impact of Seeing Red

Making financial decisions, we might take more or less risk because of the color of the print in our documents and charts.

Why a Natural Monopoly is Good for Peak Power and the Super Flush

At the end of the last episode of M*A*S*H, during I Love Lucy commercials, after a popular BBC soap, we need a natural monopoly to satisfy peak demand.

Why Shoot-out Kicks and Bread Machines Can Be Similar

In the 2008 European Championship quarter finals, the Italian team let Spain go first for the end-of-game shoot-out. That was a big mistake. Where are we going? To the influence of a reference point. Penalty Shoot-Outs When a soccer game has no winner, a penalty…

An Olympics Proposal That Could Make a Match

Although Olympics finance is usually a catastrophe for the host city, the Los Angeles proposal for 2024 could be an exception.

The Athletic Programs That Score High for Gender Bias

With a poor hiring record for female college coaches, many universities and athletic conferences have received dismal gender bias grades.

March Madness Money Facts

Involving multiple markets and hundreds of millions of dollars, March Madness money facts relate to the NCAA, coaches, teams and the extra beer we buy.

Houston’s Super Bowl Cost

Even knowing that Super Bowl cost is usually underestimated, Houston could enjoy more than the typical benefit this year.

What We Think About Attractive Politicians

Using pictures, voters could identify conservative politicians because attractiveness, economic success and ideology tend to correlate.