Why We Should Buy Popcorn at the Movies

When you see why movie theater tickets are cheap and movie theater popcorn is so expensive, you might want to buy more popcorn.

Why Women in Movies Matter

Looking at women in movies, we form behavioral expectations about gender roles that relate to leadership, to speech, and to age.

Our Weekly Economic News Roundup: From More Movies to Fewer Fatalities

Connecting economics, current events, and history, our weekly economic news roundup ranges from Uber and healthcare to job discrimination.

How the Movies Became Cool

An August release, The Shape of Water could be in theaters during hot summer weather because of the invention of air conditioning.

Weekly Economic News Roundup: From Bad Statistics to Good Movies

Weekly News Roundup Sunday 05.28.17 How Venezuela chose bonds rather than food… Monday 05.29.17 Why American made is really Japanese…   Tuesday 05.30.17 What Star Wars says about success…   Wednesday 05.31.17 The pension problems from an aging population…   Thursday 06.01.17 #TBT Today’s beer and…

Weekly Roundup: From Blockbuster Movies to Student Debt

This week’s economic news summary includes the transactions costs of new medical diagnostic codes, the personal and macro impact of the student loan crisis.

Everything You Need to Know About Blockbuster Movies

Box office comparisons for summer blockbuster films like Jurassic World and total film revenue are misleading unless the numbers take account of inflation.

Why More Movies Are Boring

With the competitive market structure of the movie business changing from less to more competition, movie content from major studios is less innovative.

2 Reasons We Don’t Go to the Movies

While movie ticket sales are down, box office revenue is up. NATO, the National Organization of Theater Owners (not the North Atlantic Treaty Organization), says that between 2004 and 2013, movie ticket sales declined by 11% but box office revenue went…

Our Surprising Response to Peak TV

Faced with hundred of thousands of titles to choose from and what might be called peak TV, our response is surprising.