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The iPhone 5 Map App

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  1. julianfstr says:

    To David Pogue I say that would be a valid response outside the context of comparing Apple Maps to Google Maps. Within that context however, I can only think of the time only a month ago that Google maps had me driving in a literal circle. Fortunately I discovered the error just prior to my first arrival back at the beginning of the circle (misguide me once shame on you, misguide me twice, shame on me). That’s one of countless times Google has gotten it wrong.

    Personally, I feel for Apple. They’ve innovated and permeated human life so deeply that the slightest missteps are magnified tenfold by the level of expectation for perfection the userbase (or should I just say the human race at this point?) has for their products.

    I am also a bit concerned by Mr. Cook’s apology though. It’s most likely that Steve Jobs would not have apologized in this instance, and that’s part of what made Apple who they are in our collective mind. It’s as if under Steve, Apple PR had is own reality distortion field — that by not fully accepting responsibility and/or apologizing, their missteps never happened, or ultimately weren’t perceived as big a deal as they were at first.

    But Tim Cook’s apology makes Mapplegate real. I think I would prefer Steve’s jedi mind trick over an apology.

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