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A Macintosh with a Byte

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  1. Steve Jobs changed the entire world with his visionary outset and revamping of wireless media and communications. He’ll be a name which rings out through history for evolving the way we live, share and communicate. I was compelled to create a portrait of him, now In Memoriam on my artist’s blog at

    1. Don Bartlett says:

      Yes he will. He sent all those jobs to china and they keep the money tax free out of the country. Not quite the liberal way.
      Soon all our car jobs will be there too:China Remains World’s Top Auto Producer, Japan to Decline
      China will remain the world’s top auto producer over the next four years, according to an analysis by WardsAuto and Automotive Compass. Japan, however, is set to decline.
      Production in China is set to jump a whopping 7.5 million units through 2016 to a total of 26 million. In 2009, China became the world’s largest auto producer. To this day, it still remains above the U.S., currently the world’s second largest automaker. Production in the U.S. is set to increase by 1.3 million through 2016, the report says

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